Computer image by "PATS" - dec. 2005

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On Wednesday the 2nd of March we got 23 cm (9") of snow
the record - 50 cm (18") for March was set in Heeg ( 25 mi NW of Vollenhove)
Two days later another record -20.7C ( -5.26F ) was set in Marknesse ( 4 mi W of Vollenhove)
A nice opportunity to shoot some X-MAS images

Using THE PANORAMA FACTORY - V4.0 - reg. to stich these 3 images together
See the - PANORAMA FACTORY - site for the latest version
Adding text with PSP 7.04 reg. - PAINT SHOP PRO

In Dutch "X-MAS" is "KERSTMIS" - but in the 1st week of March it's X-MISS for me.
On the left of this image you can see
the remains of Ruïne Castle Toutenburg - built 1524 - 1531 - demolished in 1787
More about this castle "TOUTENBURG"
It's in Dutch but the images will say enough
TIP !!! Search with GOOGLE - keywords: Castle Toutenburg Vollenhove
or in Dutch : kasteel Toutenburg
More images I took that day across town - see X-MIS(S) - 2005

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