*** SUMMER 88 - 11 weeks ***

SCHIPHOL-AMS - BOSTON - BOS - 5531km/3457mi - .. ....

After last year I did make a re-schedule of the "87-Greyhound-trip"
Boston to Montreal was the first add-on. Stayed in Boston for a few days and enjoyed on my bus ride
towards Montreal the scenery of New England (Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Vermont)
In Sault Sainte Marie a southern route through Green Bay was the other detour

Scott picked me up in Iron Mountain. Amberg & the hay-ride was next.
This 'Northern Treasure' will become a good spot in the coming years

After the 'goodies' in Wisconsin I'm heading to Duluth, Grand Forks and Winnipeg
In Winnipeg back on the '87 trail
Stop in Medicine Hat, to say hi to Willem & Klaasje Santbergen from Vollenhove
I knew Willem from the Laboratory and VVVV, we did run several hydraulic scale models
They visit their family - Winters - in Medicine Hat, it's also Klaasje's BD
After this nice break the Island is on the list

Mill Bay'88 - Vancouver Island - BC

Knew MARG since '82, Mill Bay was just Mill Bay in those days
Nowadays it's really remodelled with "Concrete and Asphalt" Hh....mmmm ?
The lower part of Vancouver Island did lose his charm !!!
Last times I did visit Marguerite was in Calgary-Dec 1998 and Duncan-Jul-2004

SEATLE - SEA - AMSTERDAM - AMS 7818km/4886mi - .. ....

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