Image by "PATS" - dec. 2008


'Kleine Kerk' - 'Little Church' aka 'Maria Church'

"Kleine Kerk" - "Little Church" aka "Maria Church"

Founded AD 1423

ANWB - tourist sign
ANWB - "tourist" - sign ; near entrance -

Raytrace image - via VIVID 2.0
The church was also a '3D' project for me in 1996 / 1997 - see New Years images 96/97
In the Raytracing program "VIVID 2.0" it shows as above

A more detailed story is here at the site of Henk van Heerde "Kleine Kerk"
It's in Dutch but the images will say enough

I took the photo of the church on March 2nd 2005 - see X-MIS(S) - 2005

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