Computer image by "PATS" - dec. 2001




a.k.a "triple M" Made already a money image about the colourful "Guilder" in 1998.
The end of the guilder era did give me some inspiration for this creation.
We can hang the coins & notes in the tree due the "EURO".
See more at "EUROPEAN BANK"

More info about "The Dutch Guilder" on this historic site

My good-old "VIVID(reg.)" did the job for 95% - Feeding the program with
AutoCAD, Sculpture and DXF2V20 input it became reality.
The green border and stars were done with "Paint Shop Pro 7.04 (reg.)"
a good program with endless possibilities.
Some technical information about this model:
total 46 lights - 4 overall, 12 spot and 30 Xmas
Rendertime: 2 times 13 hrs on a PI-233 MMX - 64MB
Original VIVID image - TGA - : 1800 x 1200 pixels
With border: 2400 x 1600 pixels

Did send a 2400 x 1600 - JPG - to an online photoservice
Curious how it looks on a 10x15cm - 4x6"
Jan 3rd 2002 - 1 week later - :
The quality is almost 100 %, a slightly difference between the services is a personal taste.
Some photoservices in the Netherlands: "HEMA" , "FOTO-QUELLE" and "KRUIDVAT"

A photoservice in the USA: "WALMART"
Here is a frame example with "friends" in Green Bay - wi

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