Computer image by "PATS" - dec. 98

Last year "My UNION flying tools"

DEBBIE's TOP 5 - 1999


After my raytrace images of the last years
Here an image with other techniques.
Hope you like it.

Story behind the scenery:

Shooting pictures during my vacation trips, gives me enough material to do things like this.
Small animals do have a special attention. It took me a while before I had these fellows in the right spot.
There was an idea to make a raytrace composition, 3 to 4 weeks usually.
I had only 3 to 4 days!!! So I thought "Lets scan this shot and use my painting tools on the computer".
Looks great after 3 days.Voila.
Some of these kittens are still running around Green Bay - Wisconsin
Others are already available as a place-mat.C'est la Vie.

I did use Paint Shop Pro 3, PhotoStudio v 1.5 and DeLuxePaint II.
Another PATS GRAPHICS DESIGN production.

(All programs or trademarks are copyright by their owners.)

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