*** SUMMER 97 - 6 weeks ***

The "STORY" is still incomplete. Meanwhile, ... enjoy it.
Have to make more schedules so I can link several "vacations"
with the same topics - Like the annual "PIKE RIVER JUBILEE"
The summer of '94 -'95 and '97 are those ones with the bicycle
They are first on the list
Do have plenty of pictures to make a complete story over all those years
Have to spread the pictures over all the other pages
Summer,Autumn,Winter and Spring

VOLLENHOVE - ZWOLLE - 30 km - 9 July
After 3 km !!- 06.15 - already a flat tire. GOODMORNING? PATS.
Fixing this one and a small wish to catch the train of 07.30 am.
Got the train on time.... heading Schiphol Airport.
$7 for my 18-speed

SCHIPHOL-AMS - CHICAGO-ORD - 6592km/4120mi - 9 July
$15 for a bicycle-box - available at the airport - That's all.
Must be KLM

CHICAGO - MUNDELEIN - 40 km - 9 July
Third time with my "PEUGEOT" in the States
A kind of extension of the first trip in Wisconsin

Instead of Milwaukee - WI, Chicago - Illinois - was now my starting point.
Mundelein, just 25 mi North of O'HARE was my goal on the day of arrival.

2 flat tires!!! ---- A taxi was the solution to make it on time
to my Bed & Breakfast Inn - "RoundRobin" on this long day.
"Round Robin" a Bed&Breakfast - just north of O'Hare Airport. -
Thanks Laura and George

Here a lucky one, "M&M family CYCLERY" was just around the corner
A new innertube and rim-tape,etc.... So, I'm all set for tomorrow
Arranged already a bicycle-box for August 18

MUNDELEIN - MILWAUKEE - 100 km - 10 July
Yes, a flat tire again !!!! Using one of my last spares
4 flat tires within 70 km's - Never had that experience.
Second luck, it happens in a small town. A friendly person did give
me a ride to a local hardware store to buy some extra (too large)innertubes.
Always better than nothing. Crossing my fingers.
Around 02.00pm I had reached the city-limit of Milwaukee.
Eating a snack and filling all bottles. Most of my stops are at gas-stations
They have always something to fill my "tank", it's like a car.
Just before I should grab my bike I saw the reartire ..... a small balloon
on the rim!!! .... Had to use my spare - (700-20c)
at 04.00pm I was at my adress - did cross my fingers again-
Stretching my legs by SCOTT & MICHELE - Northside Milwaukee
I knew them for many years, due my friends ^N - near Amberg.

Went to one of the greatest bicycle shops in Milwaukee.
They did have plenty, I should say hundreds, but not my European number.
Okee, we got another adress of a competitor. This fellow had only a few tires.
He was more experienced than the young fellows in the first store.
Familiar with the International code , no problem.
I did look to Michele... and she thought the same as me....
In the 1st store the did tell us that 700-20c not equal was with 20-622 !!
They had plenty... but no knowledge (me either about this subject at that moment)
Bought a 700-20c-China-made, further I could change the 2 too large innertubes
Michele got an idea of the "expensive" prizes.
Went for a good dinner to one of Michele favourites, MYKONOS family restaurant.

MILWAUKEE - ADDISON - 50 km - 11 July

My "DEAR-IMPRESSION" taken around Christmas

The "ADDISON HOUSE" is centered between Milwaukee and Fond du Lac in
the rolling hills of the Kettle Moraine area of Southeastern Wisconsin.
The Horicon Marsh wildlife refuge, Holy Hill, Slinger ski hill, and
beautiful scenery can all be found in the surrounding countryside.
Milwaukee and all its diversions is only 30 miles to the South and
historic Fond du Lac is 25 miles to the North.
Thanks Suzy Fish and Family.

"I can recommend these two B&B locations" PATS

ADDISON - KAUKAUNA - 116 km - 12 July
Scott & Kristi on the Pike River

Met Scott and Dan in Sault Saint Marie - Canada
on "The AGAWA Canyon Tour" - Yippie Ajeah, Yippie Ajo, Yippie......
when I made a trip across Canada in 1986
It's was a "Bloody(mary)Sunday"
Call it a steal

KAUKAUNA - GREEN BAY - 40 km - 13 July

Debbie, always there, is like a sister.
My base for many years. Met here in '87 on the hayride in Amberg
We always stop at Christopher's Ice Cream in Coleman - even in winter -
when we are heading ^N on our way back.

GREEN BAY - 14 July
Visit Norb & Laura , Mark's parents, they live on the West-side.

GREEN BAY - LITTLE SUAMICO - 32 km - 15 July
Visit Mark, a one handed pool-player?, he is Michael's dad.
A siding specialist. Remodeling & Finishing is his area.
One of my 'drinking' brothers in the 90's.
In the nextdoor pub "The Swan" we had enough 7&7's

LITTLE SUAMICO - GREEN BAY - 32 km - 16 July
With a small "hangover" back to the Packers "Tittletown".
Glad, I had some excercise on my way back.

GREEN BAY - 17 July
Visit "The Flegels", Steve's parents, 20 min walk from Debbie's.

AMBERG - 18,19,20 July

Back in Amberg for another weekend on the Menominee
Floating on the Menominee River - border Michigan/Wisconsin -
with our cabin neighbours ^N , Bill, Ruth, Joe, Darlene, Tina
and friends from the Shier's and Pittman's

GREEN BAY - 21 July
Say hi to Steve.

GREEN BAY - 21,22,23 July
On the 22nd and 23rd I went for a bike-ride to the USW-campus
I did found a nice tour, the roads in the town are not as good.

AMBERG - 24,25,26 July

Two die-hards of the JUBILEE
My "nose-ball" partner on Sunday in the "BARN" in Beecher
playing pool without cue, some chalk on your nose....?
Drunk? .......... Maybe? ... atleast we did win our game and had a great time.
Try it in your local pub.


GREEN BAY - 28,29,30 July
The 29th I visit the "Bligiske's", Chico's parents, 20 min walk from Debbie's.
next door of the "Flegels"

AMBERG - 31 July, 1,2,3,4 August
Back for a 4-day stay. Picking blueberries and other fruits.
Sunday to Pembine - Fireman's Picknick Festival.
4WD with Colleen, Andrea and Paul.
Using same tracks as with the "skidoo's".

GREEN BAY - 5,6,7 August
Visit Joe & Mary on the West-side on the 7th.
"Lambeau Field" of the "Green Bay Packers" is just around the corner.

AMBERG - 8,9,10 August
Fishing - Bob & Darlene held a party on the 9th.

GREEN BAY - KAUKAUNA - 40 km - 11 august
Chris & Becky , Chris is a nephew of SCOTT
Chris & Tom are now the owners of the cabin ^North

KAUKAUNA - STOCKBRIDGE - 38 km - 12 august
Lake View Motel - 3 mi. South of Stockbridge- 920.439.1130 -
Dutch owners - Brabant, The Netherlands -

STOCKBRIDGE - ADDISON - 78 km - 13 august
Back again - 4th time -
See story above and visit the "ADDISON HOUSE" Homepage

ADDISON - MILWAUKEE - 50 km - 14 august
Scott is back from Eli Lake - MN
A Harley-fan, bow-hunting and fishing are other time-killers
A weak spot for wolves is seen all over the house

PALMYRA - 15,16,17 august
Wedding of SCOTT & MICHELE in Palmyra
Did met more family, a couple of years ago I was here too.
Seems like yesterday.
Shooting the video in the church. So, I can catch the whole "bunch"

MILWAUKEE - MUNDELEIN - 100 km - 18 august
The last 2 days of this vacation. Can say hi to all the people I did met 6 weeks ago.
The bike fits with some tricks in the bicycle-box
Had an "American-style" hair-cut.
Okido, lets call a cab for tomorrow.
Went with Richard to a German-style restaurant.
Great educated entertainer. Times flies.

CHICAGO-ORD - SCHIPHOL-AMS - 6592km/4120mi - 20/21 July
ZWOLLE - VOLLENHOVE - 30 km - 21 august
776 km - 466 miles on this tour
The avg. speed was 20 'clicks' km - 12.5 mi/hr

Since I bought the new tire in Milwaukee I didn't have
"losing air" experience again - at least on this trip and tube. Knock,knock....
Hope you did like this "story" .. Comments? Let me know

"Will not mention a specific "NAME"... ALL FRIENDS are EQUAL"
"So I will and won't forget nobody"
"Without them "LIVE" should be different in another way"

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