Cross-county biker braves Saint Clair-Frackville grade
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FRACKVILLE, PA - As temperatures soared into the 90s Monday, most people searched for cooler places
to be other than under the scorching sun.

That wasn't the case for Teunis Schuurman.

The 52-year-old man from Vollenhove, The Netherlands, began the second day of his 900-mile bicycle trek that started
in Lansdale and will end at the home of relatives in London, Ontario, and then with friends near Green Bay, Wis.

Schuurman paused briefly Monday morning to check a map along Route 61 on the Saint Clair-Frackville grade.
He began Monday's journey in Kutztown and planned to travel as far as Frackville.

"Right now, I'm working on riding 50 or more miles a day," Schuurman said.

He was expected to depart from Frackville this morning en route to Danville, before eventually making his way to Wellsboro, where he will spend tonight.

The next few days will have him riding to Niagara Falls and then into London, where will stay with his relatives.

After visiting for two or three days, Schuurman said he will hit the road again, this time heading toward Michigan,
from where he will take a ferry across Lake Michigan to the shores of Wisconsin
and begin the final leg of the journey to Sherwood, Wis., just outside Green Bay.

Monday morning, Schuurman had a pleasant surprise in nearby Berks County.
"I stopped to eat in this place called Hamburg and a man there bought me breakfast," he said.
This is the reaction the cyclist has so far encountered on his journey.

"People have been very nice to me," he said. "I can't say I have met anyone who has acted differently."

From the time he started, Schuurman estimated he will be in London, Ontario, in about nine to 10 days.
That distance is about 700 kilometers - or about 450 miles - from Lansdale.

After his stay with relatives, he estimates in another five or six days he will reach his final destination - Green Bay -
from where he will fly to Detroit, then New York City and home to The Netherlands.

Schuurman said he decided to trek through the United States and Canada because he loves to travel and bike.

In order to keep in shape at age 52, he said he annually rides about 8,000 kilometers
on what he refers to as his "Iron Horses."

Schuurman is no stranger to America. He said this visit is his 29th trip across the sea.
"The next one will be a reason to celebrate," he joked.
America has become the European rider's second country in the past 20 years.

He has visited 41 of the 50 states - a feat few Americans can say they have accomplished.

Schuurman worked for almost 30 years at WLDelft Hydraulics before founding
in April 1997.

Being self-employed affords Schuurman the time to vacation in the United States
and take on endeavors such as this 900-mile trek.

Having the ambition and drive to pedal such a distance is one of the main requirements to complete the journey, he said.

Attitude is another.

"When people ask me how I'm doing, I say, I'm fine.' No car, no woman, no mortgage.
What's the problem?'" he said as he started north on Route 61 again

On his way to Frackville and beyond

Overnight at Granny's Motel & Restaurant - Frackville, PA
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