Computer image by "PATS" - dec. 95

After Winter in Holland" of last year,
the idea to model something historic from my home town Vollenhove was already there.

Kleine or Onze-Lieve-Vrouwekerk

"Kleine or Onze-Lieve-Vrouwekerk":

A single-aisled Dutch Reform church was founded in 1423 at a place of a former chapel (c. 1380)
The extension of the nave and the tower were built in 1458-1461
It's a brick building with a 5/8 closed choir and a polygonal stair-case tower on the south-side
In 1823 the bell-tower was extended in height and one of the bells, cast in 1509, comes from
the St.-Nicolaaskerk in Vollenhove. It was recast in 1862 with the original text on it
The original bell from 1482 is at the wrong side of the border
With the "Marxveld tuin", reconstructed in 1988, it forms a restful place in
a town where here and there 17th and 18th century facades can be seen
By night enjoy the fairy-like scene
You are overlooking some "ROCOCO" shapes in the baroque part of the garden
I used "AutoCAD-R12" to model the whole site,
"LPARSER4" did a good job to generate the trees and plants,
my own conversion program DXF2V20 was digging through all DXF files to make the VIVID format,
to adjust these files, MultiEdit 5.0 was my editor
Last but not least the VIVID2.0@20 reg. version was running on a Pentium 90Hz-32MB-1GB-HD
Allocating 22MB of memory (215000 primitives). A lot of patience plus some extra hours

(All programs or trademarks are copyright by their owners.)

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